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Luxurious wedding planners are the wedding planners based in Chicago, who plan almost 50 in-town weddings and 50 destination weddings every year for their client base. The idea of Luxurious Wedding Planner is to produce quality events over quantity events. The team is made up of professionals with expertise in finance, marketing, architecture, management of locations, hospitality, and catering, and we are proud to be an expert in all fields of event planning. The company has continued to set the benchmark for event management standards in its 15 years of operation by delving into each client’s particular goal, delivering unprecedented weddings and activities, and offering customized client experiences. It’s the planning which differentiates us from the rest of the planners because we plan MAGIC!

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Our mission is very simple yet very challenging. Luxurious wedding planner believes in forever and ever kind of tales because weddings are a matter of love and only he who possesses the love and passion for it can do it right. Therefore, our only mission while covering and planning events is to make sure that whatever we do, we do it no less than perfect. The only goal we want to achieve by providing services as a planner is to make sure that our Bride & the Groom with their guests are the happiest, fulfilled, and content people ever. We do not compromise on planning neither should you in choosing.


Luxurious wedding planner has been providing exclusively lavish and luxurious setups and wedding services to its clients. When it comes to big days, special events, or weddings, planning takes most of the time and energy of the person and it can be highly stressful. No matter how much a person plans and organizes the special days, one is always stressing over the minute details of the event, which surely should not be the case. For this purpose, the luxurious wedding planner comes easy, because we completely share the imagination of the client and transfer all the stress and obsession from the client’s shoulders to ours and make sure to bring the dream wedding into reality. Luxurious wedding planners work on the tiniest details that the client has in mind up to huge decisions of arrangements, decoration, and venue selection, photography to videography, catering, and different services flawlessly. In town traditional weddings to destination weddings, all of it has been the main domain of luxurious wedding planners and their talent and we proudly announce the fact how this platform has provided services to its clientele and made their “I do” journey forever pleasing. We make sure that we incorporate all the details of our dear clients into the planning process and put our heart and soul into bringing the details into reality. We also provide consultation to those clients who need it. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, we never compromise on our client’s wishes, and that’s what makes us different from other planners that we neither compromise our standards nor we settle for anything less than our clients’ happiness. 

Luxurious wedding planners provide their clients with a complete array of services like venue selection, bookings, accommodation and transportation of guests (to and from the venue), catering services, decorations, food, dresses and styling for the bride and groom, event photography, videography and much more. We provide customized plans according to our clients’ will. The clients don’t have to worry about anything, from their favorite flowers to the design of cutlery they prefer on the reception dinner, from the menu to the lightings, from the music to the color theme everything would be arranged by us as per our clients’ wish so that our clients can enjoy these exceptional moments without any worries.

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They did a great job from beginning to end, bringing together every single detail and coming up with brilliant concept and cost-saving ideas with several activities per day for the whole wedding weekend. With LWP, the whole process was smooth and secure. We had a great four-day celebration and it’s still a treat for our guests. I would not hesitate to suggest LWP to someone interested in getting married. Truly, they’re the best.


An Intimidating feat is planning a wedding. It is almost as scary to plan an elopement in another country with a divergence in language. Luxurious wedding planner made it so easy and was able to help us prepare a ceremony beyond our imaginations efficiently. The whole procedure was smooth and uncomplicated. I can’t imagine arranging a venue, a photographer, a film, flowers, a car service, a photo permit, dinner, and I’m sure I’m not even dreaming about loads of other stuff without them. If you’re on the cusp, do the same thing.


We were more than mesmerized by the planners we hired. The luxurious wedding planners were a total treat to us. I can’t believe how every one of us stills ramps about our wedding. All thanks to the immensely talented LWP!