We had a wonderful time integrating the theme of VANESSA and JOSEPH’s wedding, into the look and feel of their celebration of fall. Their boho wedding caught everyone’s attention and was featured on a wedding blog! We will take you through their entire event and where you will see some of our favorite info below, plus some exceptional Photography moments.

Vanessa and Joseph met in Chicago and formed a relationship after sharing Facebook details and exchanging music favorites with each other, they decided to tie a knot. After getting engaged in Japan, in an intimate engagement ceremony, all they wanted was a grand wedding on their big day. They shared their vision of a dark, moody wedding that allowed them for a comfortable atmosphere for guests and focused on good food, music, and unique cocktails. They planned events for full wedding planning services after consecutive meetings with us, we got to work by first finding a venue that would allow for a reception in a chic, cocktail style. Then we assembled a team of vendors that would match the trendy vibes of the couple.

The venue of the event was breathtakingly beautiful, it was all decorated with beautiful flowers along the aisle, showcasing harmony and sophistication. The theme of this wedding party was really fun! Loaded with romantic textures, deep colors exactly the way our beloved couple wanted.  

The exchange of personal vows was one of Vanessa’s and Joseph’s favorite moments of the day which was exactly the way they dreamed of. We turned the ceremony room into the ultimate cocktail reception for them to party all night long, while guests mingled downstairs. 

Floral arrangements of the Japanese ikebana style sat atop cocktail tables. Keeping the minute details of having everything minimal, we still managed to have a huge design influence that day. For cocktails, the inspiration was taken from the bride and groom for their love of Japanese drinks and the guests enjoyed their flavors too. The dance floor began with Vanessa and Joseph performing a choreographed rumba and then being held up in chairs for Horah honoring the cultural Jewish heritage of Vanessa.  

Everything from the planning of this wonderful wedding to the execution was a smooth and seamless process full of love, laughter, and contentment. The Luxurious wedding planner made sure everything was well connected and coordinated for our lovely bride and groom and that is where we are in the hearts of everyone!