The ceremony itself is one of the most important aspects of a wedding celebration because that’s why you put all your family and friends together after all. It is a special experience to dedicate yourself to another person in front of those who love you. And who doesn’t want this moment to be perfectly planned and executed? Luxurious Wedding Planner is incredibly fortunate to work with couples from many distinctive backgrounds and cultures and we enjoy seeing the uniqueness they bring to their ceremonies.

Before beginning the celebrations with the entire crowd, Elijah & Antonio wanted a little ceremony with their closest family and friends. They introduced a whisky mix during their ceremony, where they poured two different kinds of whiskey into a barrel to drink together at a later date.

The bride and groom had planned a little Tasting of the Elements game. Such components include wine, vinegar, cayenne pepper, and honey, reflecting various aspects of a marriage. A few extracts from the words of their officer explaining this ceremonial tasting are below.

First, drink …. Water!

Water is a sign of transparency. Today, drinking this water is a commitment that both of you will always aim to be honest and transparent to each other. The desire to make yourself open to see and be seen is water.

The second is vinegar!

We know that vinegar is bitter for sure.  The tough times ahead are symbolized by vinegar. The taste of vinegar also encourages us to hang on to the good times and enjoy them. And while its bitter taste may be strong, the sour taste is only temporary and can actually serve as an opportunity to cleanse and renew us once it passes through us.

They now have PEPPER.

This pepper is a sign of adversity-formed resilience. . Your future as a couple depends on your ability to stay grounded and forge through many of the difficulties that lie ahead throughout the bitterness that life can bring. Your love should be as strong as pepper!

And they eventually taste the HONEY.

Fortunately, life isn’t just vinegar and peppers. Honey represents the taste of the sweetness that marriage has to bring. It is a beautiful reminder of the joy life has in store for them when they lead with love and stay in the youthful sweetness with which they are standing here today.

That is how the wedding went through the hearts, we made sure that we delivered what our client asked us for. And for a luxurious wedding planner, it is about the client’s happiness more than anything. And that’s what we have achieved to date.